Hotel Buildings

We have enhanced the interiors of the hotel by embellishing the floors and ceilings with our artistic layouts. Our expertise has given a fabulous look with our wide range of products on access floorings and false ceilings. The style and the décor have added additional beauty and improved its appearance by a hundredfold. Metal Matriex proudly presents its ventures at Taj West end, MTR, and Oberoi etc.


The hotels in Bangalore are not aloof from our service. Tajwestern has their customized architecture and peerless false floor and ceiling works served by us,our architecture design adds to a flavour of beauty and comfort.


MTR Hotel is one of our valued clients. We have designed tailor made false ceiling and floor work for them for their Bangalore hotel. Our work is not only economical but also gives them a cutting edge in the hotel industry. The works give them an aesthetic look with unmated design and architecture.


The Oberoi Hotel is a leading brand in the hotel industry. We have assisted them in building this brand (at Bangalore) by providing them with such specific architecture like false ceilings/floorings, chairs and assisted them at every step in building their architecture based on a strong infrastructure.

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